Python on Mac OS X (Session 613, WWDC 2005)

Sample Code
The PyInterpreterPalette, PyOutlineEdit, and ReSTedit example projects used in the presentation. Slides and the CodeImporter example not yet available. These examples require PyObjC 1.3.6 for Python 2.3, and Mac OS X 10.4.

The official Python website. See the documentation (Macintosh reference) and wiki (MacPython entry).

The Python <-> Objective-C Bridge. This is what you need to take advantage of Cocoa and other Apple Objective-C frameworks with the ease of Python.

The wiki contains information about using MacPython, MacPython specific modules, porting Python extensions to the Mac, software using Python, etc. Feel free to add content yourself, it is a wiki!

This is where you find information about Python on the Apple Macintosh (MacOSX, MacOS X, Mac OSX, Mac OS X), especially Python development with Apple specific technologies such as Cocoa, Carbon, QuickTime, etc. Yes, that is search engine bait, sorry.

WWDC 2005
Apple's World Wide Developer Conference

Mailing Lists

Special Interest Group (SIG) for Python on the Macintosh. This is the mailing list to discuss any and all Python questions related to Mac OS X.

PyObjC Mailing Lists
PyObjC specific mailing lists (for checkins and discussion). Discussions about the development and/or use of PyObjC are appropriate here.


from __future__ import *
Bob Ippolito's blog, covering primarily Python on Mac OS X related topics.

bbum's blog-o-mat
Bill Bumgarner's blog, which often features PyObjC related topics.